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Freelancing 101: Effective ways to retain existing clients

January 12, 2024

Landing new clients is undoubtedly exciting, but have you ever considered the overlooked potential lying right under your nose – your old clients? Retaining your past clients not only streamlines the hiring process but also builds on the trust and familiarity established during previous collaborations. In this blog, we will explore why working with old clients is beneficial and provide you with helpful tips to convince them to hire you again.

Why retain old clients?

Past clients already know your work ethic, professionalism, and the quality of your output. This established trust can be a game-changer when compared to winning over new clients. Additionally, with old clients, you skip the process of proving your capabilities since they've already experienced your skills firsthand. Also, when a client chooses to rehire you it indicates satisfaction, and satisfied clients are more likely to consider you for future projects which can lead to a steady stream of work and referrals.

Tips to convince your past clients to rehire you

1. Ask for Feedback

After completing a project, initiate a feedback loop by sending a comprehensive final report. Enhance this process by including a short questionnaire in the report. Keep the questionnaire concise to encourage prompt responses. Here are a set of main questions to include:

1. How would you rate the effectiveness of our communication throughout the project? Were there any instances where you felt more clarity was needed?

2. Were the project milestones and deadlines met to your satisfaction? If not, please specify any areas where you experienced delays.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the overall quality of the deliverables? Are there specific aspects you believe could be improved?

4. Were there any challenges during the project, and if so, how effectively do you think they were addressed? Are there areas where you see room for improvement in our approach to problem-solving?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend my services to others based on this experience?

2. Stay in Contact

Maintaining regular communication with old clients is key to staying top-of-mind. Leverage email marketing to share your latest success stories and achievements. To streamline this process, consider using online tools such as Mailchimp. These tools offer customizable templates, analytics, and automation features, making it easier to create and manage email campaigns effectively. Additionally, do not overlook the impact of personalized holiday greetings in reconnecting with clients. Take that opportunity to remind them of the successful projects you have collaborated on in the past and express your enthusiasm for the prospect of working together again.

3. Update Your Portfolio

Ensure your portfolio is always up to date with your latest and most impressive work. A dynamic and well-curated portfolio not only captivates potential clients but also serves as a reminder to past clients of your consistently high-quality performance. If you have a website portfolio or a LinkedIn profile showcasing your work, consider including a link in the emails you send to your past client. Moreover, when updating your portfolio, consider including brief case studies with each item if possible. These case studies should highlight the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the positive outcomes achieved. This approach will add depth to your portfolio and reinforce your expertise.

4. Offer Exclusive Discounts or Packages:

Show appreciation for your past clients by offering them exclusive discounts or special packages for their next project. This not only serves as a token of gratitude but also provides an added incentive for them to choose your services again. Clearly outline the special rates or packages in your communication and emphasize that it is a limited-time offer to encourage a prompt decision. Include this offer in your regular email updates. For example, when sharing your latest success stories or achievements, mention the exclusive discount or package at the end of the email. Alternatively, if you send personalized holiday greetings, use this occasion not only to reconnect but also to present the exclusive offer. Remember, clients often appreciate not only the quality of work but also the value and perks they receive.

In conclusion, old clients are just as crucial as new ones. By actively nurturing relationships with them and positioning yourself as a reliable and skilled freelancer, you increase your chances of turning past clients into repeat clients. Remember, the key lies in building lasting connections that extend beyond individual projects, paving the way for a successful freelancing career.

Happy freelancing!

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